Clubs & Organizations

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts is a national organization which is part of the Boy Scouts of America. It is designed for first through fifth grade boys. The goals are to teach the boys to do their best and be helpful to others while they are trying new things, making new friends, and learning new skills. Our local pack at Sacred Heart participates in several fun annual events such as the Cubmobile Race, Pinewood derby, and camp outs.

The individual grades meet approximately twice a month working towards their badges.


Chess Club

Reyne Miller - 267-5874 - Email

SHS Chess Club is open to all students in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The Chess Club meets every Monday during lunch recess in the multipurpose room. Currently, there are no after-school practices however, most Chess Meets take place on Saturdays. These meets are optional and usually require a minimal fee. Beginners are welcome!


Girl Scouts

Theresa Weaver

Girls learn leadership skills through participation in badgework, community service, and financial literacy activities. They also have tons of fun!

Girl Scout Troop #10132 meets at Sacred Heart School.


Green Team

Steve Campbell

What is it? An after school enrichment class for K-6 students interested in recycling, working outdoors, and learning about ways to improve our school grounds and earth.

When does it start? Green Team meets in the fall and spring. Dates are set at the beginning of each school year and usually meet every other week.

What will they do? Students will eat healthy snacks, participate in a KC Recycling Depot program, help sort items for recycling program, clean up and plant bulbs in outdoor lab, and prepare an area for a vegetable garden are just a few of the activities planned.

How much is it? It costs $17 per student. This will cover the cost of a green T-shirt with “Sacred Heart Green Team” on it and supplies for the class. If you have a Green Team t-shirt from last year that still fits, the cost will be $7 per student.


Lego Club

School Office - 267-5874 - Email

What is LEGO Club? An after school fun & exciting club for K-6th students interested in building and exploring LEGO structures sponsored by the Warsaw Community Public Library, meeting here at SHS. Two of the sponsors are employees of the Public Library-Mr. Duane Herendeen & Mrs. Susie Bolland. Mrs. Bolland is also an SHS parent. Helping also will be Mrs. Connie Lozano, another SHS parent.

When does it meet? On Fridays, September - May 2:30-3:30pm.

What will they do? Students will eat healthy snacks, participate in creating LEGO structures with LEGOS supplied by the Public Library and share their structure with each other.

How much is it? It costs $20 per student. This will cover the cost of a Sacred Heart School LEGOS Club t-shirt and snacks for the club members each session.


Sacred Heart Singers

Karen Kelsheimer - 267-5874 - Email

The Sacred Heart Singers play an integral role in the worship for Sacred Heart School’s All-School Masses. Students in the grades 3-6 are eligible to join the choir. [This is the only pre-requisite.] The choir rehearses at least once a week during an afternoon recess to prepare for that week’s Mass. This involves learning the Psalm for the Mass, as well as preparing another hymn or song that incorporates the themes from the readings from Scripture. They also provide the support of all the singing for the Mass, which can be extensive.

We have various opportunities during the year to sing outside of Mass which include Christmas caroling, Basketball games, talent shows, and nursing home visits. Singers earn merit “pins” based on their participation at extra-curricular events and proudly display them on their Choir sashes.

Singing with the student choir will help pull together all of a student’s resources in order to execute a song successfully. Language, math, and listening skills are all engaged when employed in singing, thus helping a child with his or her brain connections and spatial reasoning.

Your child will also gain in his/her knowledge about Scripture as all our music is Scripture-based, thus providing them with a rich treasure of verse, and a potentially snappy rhythm to go with it.

We look forward to your membership! The Sacred Heart Singers welcome your student singer!


Student Council

Mr. Faroh - 267-5874 - Email
Lee McGuire - 267-5874 - Email



Mr. Lorenzo Lopez

What is it?  Robotics Club is an after school club for grades 4-6. Students who are interested in learning more about every day machines and robots are encouraged to join. We will be meeting in the gym and will be led by Mr. and Mrs. Lopez. Help your students learn more about robots in their every day lives and join the Robotics Club, one of Sacred Heart’s STREAM activities.

When does it meet?  Robotics Club will meet on Fridays throughout the year.

What will they do?  Students will learn about the different types of robots they use each and every day. They will learn to break down problems into manageable, step-by-step pieces and to work systematically. Furthermore, they will learn to be persistent, rather than giving up when something doesn’t work the first time. Students will also be treated to a healthy snack.

How much does it cost?  Robotics Club costs $20 per student.  This will cover the cost of a Sacred Heart School Robotics Club t-shirt and snacks for the club members each session.


Twirling & Tumbling

Mrs. Reyne Miller

Mrs. Frankie Sims

Mrs. Melissa Neuwirth

What is it?  An after school club for K-3 students interested in learning baton twirling and basic tumbling skills while having fun.  Baton twirling is an artistic and aerobic sport that promotes physical fitness. A licensed instructor will teach tumbling exercises to the advanced skills of cartwheels and back-handsprings.

When does it meet? Tumbling & Twirling Club will meet 1 Friday each month from 2:30-4:00pm in the school gym. (Occasionally we might meet on the playground.)

What will they do?  Students will develop coordination skills while improving on their spatial awareness (left, right, up, down, front, and back). Students will learn time-management and goal-setting skills for twirling exercises completed at practice and home. This club will also give them the opportunity to promote their self-confidence and self-esteem through baton twirling and tumbling routines that they will learn.

How much is it? Each club member will need a beginner’s baton. The cost per student is $30.00. This fee will include their own baton, which they will keep, and it will help cover the cost of healthy snacks.


Ultimate Frisbee Club

Mr. Jeff Bischoff