Calendar and Liturgical Ministers Schedule

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Religious Education:

* Sunday 9:30-10:40am -  K-6, 7th grade/Confirmation Prep I:2019

* Sunday 6:30-8pm - 8th grade/Confirmation Prep II:2018


April 2018 Liturgical Ministers Schedule 

May 2018 Liturgical Ministers Schedule


May 2018 Church Calendar


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Mass Schedule:

Mon., March 19 5:30pm followed by Reconciliation

Tues.,  March 20 8:00am

Wed., March 21 8:00am

Thur., March 22 5:30pm followed by Reconciliation

Friday, March 23 No Mass

Saturday, March 24 5:00pm

Sunday, March 25 *8:30am & *11:00am  *Rosary begins 25 minutes prior to Mass











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